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We are on a mission. The mission is to let the world know there is a better way to install overhead garage doors and openers, so the installation looks clean and finished on the inside where it counts more than outside. Customers now have a choice to make. Replace the old standard installation materials for the new higher standard installation mount system made for this purpose.

Thunder Mounts are the overhead door industries first real overhead garage mounting system engineered to install overhead garage doors and openers safely and easily.

Thunder Mounts "strong dual gusseted design" achieves a superior

symmetrical aesthetically pleasing new look and standard for all homes new and old.

No more hanging wires! All out of sight every time everywhere.   

Raising installation standards for homes around the world is the mission of

Thunder Mounts Solution.

Call Gus for answers to your questions.
Order your new look today.

Show your friends and family how much better and safer your garage looks with

the real overhead garage door mount.

*Follow the steps above to choose the size that fits your needs.

Easy to assemble and install.

Made to fit, smooth edged powder coated parts. 

Adjustable, up, down, left or right.

Made to fit modern construction code standards.

Everything included to install out of the box.

We also sell install and repair garage doors and openers.

 Send your before and after pictures.

Dealers and Installers contact Gus to be in 

Thunder Mounts National and International Installation Directory.

Dealer Licensing Opportunity's.

Carriers: send your resume.

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