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Garage Overhead Storage

About this item

  • Firm Frame, Fine Performance: Our overhead garage storage rack is made of heavy-duty cold rolled steel with 2mm thick long beams, providing max. 600 lbs load capacity. The powder-coating surface offers a stylish appearance and outstanding rust and scratch resistance. In addition, featuring upgraded diagonal braces and reinforced crossbeams, this ceiling storage rack can effectively avoid shaking and deformation.

  • Easy Assembly, Quick Start: This garage ceiling storage rack adopts a simplified installation structure so that one person can handle the installation effortlessly. A positioning paper is provided for your drilling convenience. After drilling holes on marks in the paper, install ceiling brackets, columns, main beams, crossbeams, and diagonal braces with screws in sequence. After that, place the wire deckings, and the rack is ready to use.

  • Adjust to Perfect Height: Worried the rack doesn't fit your garage? Our ceiling storage rack is free to adjust the height within the range of 22-40 inches to satisfy your demand. It provides up to 80 cu.ft storage zone, allowing you to place all the seasonal and unused items.

  • Hang Your Items with Hooks: 2 extra hooks are included for your additional storage needs. Every hook can bear 50 lbs. weight capacity. The garage hanging storage rack is convenient for you to hang your bags, bikes, folding chairs, and other items. Free up your room and floor from clutter, and let our racks be the storage zone for your home.

  • Maximize Garage Space: The ceiling-mounted design brings you the perfect storage solutions to help you organize and take advantage of unused space in your garage or home. Clean up the items piled up on the ground or the work tables, store them on the rack, and bid farewell to the messy garage.

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