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Meet The Team Leader

When Gustavo Estravit, the founder and creator of Thunder Mounts Garage Systems built his first home is where he decided to make something better than the standard materials used to install garage door and openers. Thats where is all started way back in 1991. His idea became a reality in a prototype that he developed to one day would become Thunder Mounts Solution for an Industry! 

Below is Thunder Mounts in the Professional Door Dealer magazine in 2007 as the latest innovation for garage doors and openers. Thunder Mounts Garage Systems has been proudly providing high quality overhead garage door and opener mount products and services since 2010. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide a exceptional product for those passionate customers that want a cleaner garage door and opener installation like never before. 

Professional Door Dealer Thunder Mount March 2007 (2)(1).jpg
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