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Designed and built in Germany with highest standards for safety and quality, Synergy 370 is the first residential garage door operator system that offers integrated LED lighting. Not only is LED lighting very energy efficient but with a life expectancy of over 30.000 hours you will never have to replace a burnt-out light bulb in your garage door operator again. LED extension kits are available to double the lighting capacity from 500 Lumens to 1100 Lumens. An optional integrated battery back-up system ensures that you can open and close your garage door in case of a power outage. As an additional benefit, the LED lights of the Synergy 370 will continue to work when the opener is running off of battery power! A pre-tensioned belt or chain rail system coupled with a ¾ HPcs* motor provides for an amazingly quiet and powerful operation. Synergy offers programmable door travel speeds up to 9.3 inches per second and can be set separately for the up and down travel cycles. Synergy 370 automatically calculates and maintains the force and sensitivity levels required to open and close your garage door. Considered the safest and most reliable garage door operator system available, Synergy 370 will provide you with many years of reliable and maintenance free performance.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the motor, gears, and rail assembly
  • 500 Lumens of integrated LED lighting provides over 30.000 hours of illumination. Optional LED extension kits are available to increase lighting capacity to 1100 Lumens
  • LED lighting does not attract insects – less bugs in your garage
  • Extremely quiet operation makes the Synergy 370 a perfect fit for garages adjacent to living spaces
  • Equipped with programmable speed levels up to 9.3 inches per second. Speed levels can be programmed separately for door open and door close travel cycles for enhanced safety.
  • Available with belt or chain rail system for doors up to 10 feet high
  • 1 315MHz 2 channel remote control is included. Multi-bit code technology ensures interference free performance
  • Optional integrated battery back-up system
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop functionality is reducing wear and tear on the operator system, garage door, and hardware
  • HomeLink compatible
  • The photo eye safety system is equipped with UV filters in order to eliminate interference created by sunlight – safety when you need it most
  • The multi-function wall control station is designed to fit over a junction box and can be seamlessly combined with additional Marantec wall control stations
  • Operator and rail system are maintenance free
  • HPcs indicates that Synergy 370 meets Marantec’s specifications for ¾ HP garage door operators (HPcs = Horse Power comparable in strength)

Marantec Synergy 370

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